By The Graphic Edge • August 9, 2017

You Coach the Team, We’ll Mind the Store

“I became a coach because I enjoy taking orders for uniforms and spirit wear,” said No Coach Ever.

We get it – outfitting your players, coaches, fans, and families with the uniforms, sideline gear, and spirit wear that are essential to a team’s success and a community’s support is pretty much the last thing any coach wants to spend time on. Yet, it is a necessary and central function that has to be repeated every year and for every season.

Which is why we offer My Team Store – a simple, secure way to set up an online store that enables your athletes and community to place individual orders for the team gear they want and need. We handle all of the payment and order processing and then, when the store closes after a couple weeks of being online, we print and ship everything that was ordered.

That means no more chasing down order forms or being responsible for all the checks and cash that come with them. The orders are placed online and we take care of everything!

Manage Your Team, Promote Your Team Store

Along with simplifying order taking, My Team Store has some additional advanced functionality that can help you keep track of team purchases and maximize the effectiveness of your store, particularly if fundraising is a goal.

For starters, you can quickly upload your entire team roster to the store which will enable you to see which players have made their required purchases and to remind those who haven’t that the deadline is approaching. You can even include assigned jersey numbers as part of your roster data, or allow the players to choose from a predetermined list.

Mobile Friendly Team StoresWhen fundraising is a goal, you’ll really appreciate the social media sharing tools that are built into My Team Store. You, your staff, your players, as well as their family and friends can quickly and easily share the store in Facebook and Twitter to extend its reach as far as possible. Believe it or not, the simple act of “sharing” your store has been shown to increase total sales by as much as 40%.

Of course, with the vast majority of people are now using smart phones and tablets for social media and online shopping, so you’ll be glad to know that My Team Store is fully responsive, meaning it will display and work flawlessly on all devices – phones, tablets, and computers.

There’s Much More to My Team Store

These are just a few of the features that coaches tell us make My Team Store the perfect solution for their team, staff, and spirit wear sales. The one theme that repeats over and over, though, is that My Team Store let's you focus on being a coach while we take care of the apparel.

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