By The Graphic Edge • July 2, 2018

Student Council Tees  Spark Trade Frenzy

Iowa Association of Student Council Tie-Dye Tees and Embroidered Caps

It seems like the Iowa Association of Student Councils (IASC) caused quite a stir at this year's national conference of student councils with their Iowa-themed t-shirts and caps. Here's what  IASC Executive Director had to say:


I just returned from the National Student Council Conference in MN.  Trading is a big deal at this conference. Our hats were so popular this year! So many people at the conference wanted either the pig hat or the cow hat. I don't know if anyone came home with a hat — unless they were unwilling to trade.  Shirts are also a big trading item. Our shirts were very popular. I have attached pictures of the Iowa kids in their shirts and hats.

Thanks for your help in getting us these great shirts and hats for the national conference!

Vicki Gray Carstens
IASC Executive Director

You're very welcome, Vicki! We're thrilled that the caps and t-shirts were so well received! Thrilled, but not surprised! After all, who could resist the good old Iowa "Ope!" or some adorable embroidered livestock!

So we'd like to thank you and all of your student leaders for proudly representing Iowa and letting us be a small part of it!

Iowa Association of Student Council T-Shirts